Performance, circuits and currents, Athens, 2018

The performer uses her voice to investigate the room and its acoustics. The individual sounds, a
humming or single sung vowels, spread out directly in the high vault space. The sounds gradually
merge into verses of a traditional Swiss dialect song, which tells of emotional impenetrability and
isolation. But at the same time, the singing becomes a social event; the sound connects the source,
the singer with the other present bodies, who at that moment become listeners.
The performance deals with subjectivity and interpersonal relationships within socially defined
boundaries and (power) structures.

This performance was developed within the framework of the COOP study group Topologies of Touch.
The study group – part of DAI Roaming Academy 2017–2018 – focused on touch and feel, the tactile
and haptic, from philosophical and political standpoints and within cultural, artistic and social practices.