Audio (listening on site via free call number), 8’30”, Kunstwege Pontresina, 2017

listen here: (german)

A multi-storey house with dark red shutters is located slightly back to the main street, it is a staff
house for hotel employees. On the facade is written a name in big letters: AURORA. Is meant
"the dawn" (lat.), which is sometimes seen from the higher windows in the early morning? Let's
suppose Aurora is a woman. Maybe she lives on the top floor of the staff house. She opens the
window every morning at dusk, leans out and locks the shutters conscientiously on both sides.
A voice turns to her.

(Text accompanying exhibition booklet)

Loose successive thoughts, monologues, observations and questions to an addressed person tell
the listener fragmentarily about a Pontresina (village in Engadine, in Swiss mountains) that does not
match the immaculate, idyllic image of an Engadine holiday resort, an image constructed by the tourism
industry. The voice gives an indirect insight "behind the scenes", it describes vacant hotels, the
precarious living and working situation of foreign hotel employees and thus refers to the economic
exploitation by tourism.