Performance/Installation, Sattelkammer, Bern, 2019

The work consists of a voice/sound performance and a text level. A telephone number which serves
as a voicemailbox is used to listen to the artist‘s own texts and excerpts of prose, poetry and theory -
which directly or indirectly describe a rational and functional architecture; they deal with inhumane,
severe environments, places of control and power. The empty exhibition space becomes a model setting
for these evoked sites. The artist confronts this setting with herself, the human, „sensual“ body. Through
her voice and the physical presence of her static or moving body, the performer establishes a dialogue
with the environment. Because the visitor is active (she moves/listens to the number), she becomes part
of the performative setting.
The work examines, among other aspects, the question of the relationship between the observer and the
observed, between subject and object.

Text 1
Text 2
Text 3