Innere Chor
electroacoustic sound installation, Hotel Kloster Dornach, 2019

The work was developed for the former prayer room "Innere Chor" of the former monastery, now
the Hotel Kloster Dornach. It is based on a content-related and tonal examination of "inner voices",
whose polyphony and linguistic abstraction stand in contrast to the articulated act of speech.
The relationship between interior and exterior (space) is examined, in a broader sense
also between intimacy and the public sphere, between individuality and collectivity.
The name and the original use of space were the starting point for the development of the work.
A jointly developed archive of voice recordings served as the starting material for the resulting
compositions, which can be heard on the six individual headphone shells distributed throughout
the room, as well as for the further quadraphonic sound level in the room.

In collaboration with Nicolle Bussien and Julian Zehnder, composer for electronic music.