about a vision
radio broadcast Southern Wave, 15’42”, «Becoming more», Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, 2017

listen here: (english/german/dutch)

The text for the radio broadcast links an imagination of the past with a vision for the future;
Mexico City was built by the Aztecs on an island surrounded by a seascape, which was systematically
drained after the conquest.
The text resulting from the research about this topic was presented live for the radio broadcast.
The individual sections were translated directly from German into English by one person, and then
from English into Dutch by a third person. The text lost its contour, some of the information "seeped away".

The contribution is based on a text that was developed within the framework of the COOP study
group Topologies of Touch. The study group – part of DAI Roaming Academy 2017–2018